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Resiliency-Focused Treatment
for Children and Families with Traumatic Stress

Real Life Heroes® (RLH) provides therapists and counselors with easy-to-use tools including a life storybook, practitioner’s manual, multi-sensory creative arts activities, and psycho education resources to engage children and caregivers in evidence-supported treatment for toxic stress and Complex Trauma. RLH helps practitioners reframe referrals based on pathologies and blame into a shared ‘journey,’ a ‘pathway’ to healing and recovery.  The Real Life Heroes Toolkit for Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Families includes assessment, service and session planning guidelines that promote integrated treatment and team work focused on restoring (or building) emotionally supportive and enduring relationships and promoting development of affect regulation skills for children and caregivers. Creative arts, yoga, mindfulness, 'improv',and shared life story work provide a means for children and caregivers to develop the safety and attunement needed for re-integration of traumatic memories.   

For more information about Real Life Heroes® Training Programs or Practitioner Consultation, or to arrange RLH Training Programs, please contact Richard Kagan Ph.D. by email:  richardkagan7@gmail.com.  Comments, feedback and suggestions regarding use of Real Life Heroes are very welcome..

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Training Programs on Treatment of Complex Trauma

RLH Can Be Used with Other Evidence-Supported Treatment Models to Engage Children and Caregivers Who Have Experienced Multiple Traumas, Family Violence, and Disruption of Children's Attachments

Works Well with Children and Adolescents with Intellectual Deficits and Developmental Disabilities